Are you looking for an engaging, passionate speaker for your next event? Derek Brainard has years of experience speaking and coaching in both the private and social sectors. As an Accredited Financial Counselor®, Derek’s ability to break down the complicated world of personal finance into simple, actionable steps has helped thousands achieve success on their journey to financial peace. As founder of Level 1 Life, Derek’s Focus Finder tool transforms our greatest aspirations into daily activities, and he’s excited to share this process of self-discovery with you and your tribe!


Host Derek to speak on these popular topics:

Military Money 
Personal responsibility and discipline are the #1 indicators of future success when it comes to getting out of debt and wealth-building. Learn what it takes to persevere in the face of financial adversity as Derek shares what serving in the military taught him about managing money. Welcome to your budgeting bootcamp! It’s time to get gritty.

Finding Your Focus
Personal Finance has very little to do with money, and everything to do with you. How we design our lives has a tremendous impact on our financial decision-making. Use the Focus Finder™ during this session on lifestyle design to tie your dreams to actionable, daily tasks. Learn about the link between health and wealth, and how to build effective communication about finances in your relationships.

More topics available upon request!

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About Derek Brainard

Derek Brainard, AFC® is a proud husband, father, teacher, coach, writer, and U.S. Navy Veteran.

Derek and his wife spent their first years of marriage dumping $60,000 of student loan, credit card, and personal loan debt. After six years of active duty military service, Derek worked in the financial services sector as a licensed Financial Advisor. He has since transitioned into academia and financial wellness education, where he spreads the message of sound money management to young adults.

Derek lives and works in Syracuse, NY with his wife and two kids, and enjoys writing, coaching CrossFit, listening to audiobooks, working out, and good food.

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